Lambda Theta Nu - Founding Mothers - 1986
  • Our Founding Mothers’ Story

    Founded on March 11th, 1986 at California State University in Chico, California, our sisterhood came into existence by the hands of 18 courageous women during a time of social struggles for Latinos, particularly for those seeking higher education. Exceptional in their own right, they surpassed the status quo of the day by attending college; these women understood the strength in numbers. They realized that by coming together they could create a support system of friendly faces and develop a united voice that would be heard, respected and recognized for its merits.

  • A Legacy for Coming Generations

    Lambda Theta Nu was born from a need of belonging and of refuge from those sometimes turbulent times. Our Founding Mothers discovered this in each other and a sisterhood was born. They became advocates for equality, for the accessibility of higher education and for the advancement of the Latino community – these would become their values. But even more important than their actual achievements was the fact that they did it together – this would become their legacy. Lambda Theta Nu was as a sisterhood of inclusion for Latina and other minority women … once you join, you never stand alone.

  • Our Sights on the Future

    Though the times have changed greatly since our foundation, the need to advocate for the advancement of Latino and other minority communities is still strong. We continue to be committed to using our collective voice and resources to educate, propel and inspire others to excel. With each new chapter established and each new sister that joins, our voice becomes louder and our actions more impactful. We walk hand-in-hand toward a future of exciting growth.

Our Founding Mothers
  • Leticia Campos
  • Guadalupe Favela
  • Luz Amelia Martinez
  • Teresa Reyes
  • Mary Helen Coronado
  • Maria Gonzalez
  • Rosa Meza
  • Camille Rugama
  • Pamela Daña
  • Josephine Hernandez
  • Imelda Michel
  • Lisa Saldano
  • Abigail Estrada
  • Theresa Jauregui
  • Rosana Michel
  • Rosabelia Sanchez
  • Cecilia Fabian
  • Patricia Lozano
Founding Advisors
  • Chela Mendoza Patterson
  • Sylvia Lopez