Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence has always been at the core of Lambda Theta Nu as an organization. Our Founding Mothers understood that a higher education was the key to making a difference in their lives and the lives of those in their communities, therefore the pursuit of this excellence became their mission. This mission is still unwavering today as we strive to continuously provide our members and our communities with the tools and skills needed to reach academic and professional success. For our organization, academic excellence is more than just a check box on a list of requirements; it is woven into our day-to-day fabric and is a common goal that we work towards achieving together.


Turning Lambdas into professionals and graduates.

Fostering Leaders
  • Academic excellence is our first pillar and the foundation of our mission.
  • We encourage academic accountability through peer support.
  • Our members are required to maintain a minimum 2.70 GPA to stay active.
  • Academic incentives are provided to members throughout the school year.
  • Our regular study challenges bring on healthy academic competitiveness.
  • Each chapter is required to attend academic related workshops.
  • Workshops enhance academic skill sets and professional development.
  • Graduating members are awarded with sashes based on the degree earned.